Helmut Hachtel GmbH Schwäbisch Hall
3 Apr 2019

Ug 0.1 insulating glass with maximum thermal insulation
Halftime at the HANNOVER Messe

During the first few days at the HANNOVER Messe, our innovative Ug 0.1 insulating glass with maximal thermal insulation was already of great interest to the visitors of the DBU exhibition stand. The Helmut Hachtel GmbH was not only able to arouse interest for our current development project, but also inspired interested parties for our other products, such as the electrochromic Hachtel ADAPTIVE and the photovoltaic glass Hachtel PV.

Among others, we were visited by Reinhard Bütikhofer, member of the European Parliament and Chairman of the European Green Party, Alexander Bonde, Secretary General of the DBU, and Dr. Friedrich Bullinger, former member of the Landtag of the FDP/DVP parliamentary group.

26 Mär 2019

Helmut Hachtel GmbH at the HANNOVER MESSE April 1-5
find us at the booth of the German Federal Environmental Foundation - hall 2 / booth 02

The German Federal Environmental Foundation (DBU) will be represented with an exhibition stand at the HANNOVER MESSE from April 1-5, 2019 - this years guiding theme is "Integrated Industry - Industrial Intelligence".

The exhibition stand will be located in the "Innovation Hall" 2 (Leading trade fair for research, development and techology transfer). Emphasis of the DBU-presentation will be the topics of digitalization and energy efficiency.

We are honored to present our innovations expertise in the area of high-performance insulating glasses. We demonstrate our current status of our latest development project, an insulating glass with the worldwide unparalleled U-value of 0.1!

18 Feb 2019

Christmas Party 2018
Bowling and employee-honoring

Last December, our Christmas party started with a lot of fun at the bowling-center before rounding off the evening with a nice dinner at a hotel-restaurant.

We want to thank all of our employees for their accomplished work during the last year. As always we celebrated our jubilees and want to congratulate Alexander Bullich for 10 years of loyalty as well as Matthias Cyrus and Werner Knödler for 20 years of loyalty. Thank you!

2 Jun 2018

New member
of our fleet of truck

Meet the newest member of our fleet of trucks, all new and in our "Glas Hachtel-look". We can now deliver our products even better and more flexible to our customers!

23 Apr 2018

Helmut Hachtel GmbH at the Hannover Messe
part of the innovations stand by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy

This week the Helmut Hachtel GmbH is part of the innovations stand by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy at the Hannover Messe. In hall 2 stand C28 we present our unparalleled high-tech product THERMUR® HM after the Heat Mirror system, as well as our electrochromic glass Hachtel ADAPTIVE and our photovoltaic glass Hachtel PV.

21 Mär 2018

Hachtel at the Fensterbau Frontale
two spectacular innovations

First impressions of this years Fensterbau Frontale Fair in Nürnberg, where the Helmut Hachtel GmbH is presenting two spectacular innovations at the SANCO exhibtion stand - our new SANCO PV with integrated photovoltaic technology as well as the SANCO Adaptive, an electrochromic glass which provides excellent solar protection at the touch of a button.

8 Jan 2018

Christmas Party at Helmut Hachtel GmbH
Thanks for the loyalty

Two weeks before Christmas, the Helmut Hachtel GmbH held its annual Christmas party. Before enjoying a nice dinner at the restaurant, we began the celebration outside with mulled wine and bonfires. We would like to thank all of our employees for the last year, in particular the jubilees Mr Steffen Freitag for 10 years and Mr Bernd Chlupka for 25 years of loyality.

15 Aug 2017

Visit of the Four Seasons Hotel
in St. Petersburg

Our managing director visited one of our customers, the Four Seasons Hotel in St. Petersburg, today. Here we delivered our heating glass for the glass roofs. Our product enables snow-free roofs!

13 Aug 2017

Founding our first foreign branch
in the Silicon Valley!

Despite the difficult conditions in our industry environment, we were able to set the course for the future sustainability of our company, make important decisions, and launch new exciting projects during the last few weeks.
Among other things, we founded our first foreign branch at the place with the highest degree of innovative power worldwide, the Silicon Valley, in order to enable the advancement of our innovative high perfomance glasses.

300 Hamilton Avenue
Palo Alto, CA 94301

12 Aug 2017

World debut!
HEAT MIRROR™ - Insulating glass with Ug = 0.2

We have developed THERMUR®HM after the HEAT MIRROR™ - system with a Ug = 0.2 - value for series production. Once again, the Helmut Hachtel GmbH could prove its unique innovativeness. Active marketing measures for this unparalleled high-tech-product will begin in a few short weeks!

27 Feb 2017

competence center "innovative glass solutions"

In a few weeks, our new competence center "innovative glass solutions" will be completed!

16 Dez 2016

Christmas Party
honoring of employees

At this year's Christmas party, the Helmut Hachtel GmbH honored two employees for their long service and thanked them for their loyalty and dedication through the highs and lows of the past decades. For their 30 years of service, Dieter Franke and Thomas Siegmund were honored by Operations Manager Matthias Cyrus and Commercial Manager Rolf-Dieter Reutter. 

On the picture from left to right: Managing Director Patric Hachtel, Dieter Franke, Thomas Siegmund, Operations Manager Matthias Cyrus, and Commercial Manager Rolf-Dieter Reutter.

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