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Insulating Glass

Innovation with style

The multifunctional insulating glass of SANCO is absolutely pioneering and offers a broad spectrum for the most varying construction situations. Regardless of the situation, whether it involves energy efficiency, solar protection, thermal or sound insulation or safety - these visually appealing glasses achieve a strong performance.

Shading and Solar Protection

Sun without side effects

Our SANCO-control products are suitable for the most optimal shading. The solution frameworks are as flexible and versatile as you require. You can chose between differing pleating, lamellae, and blinds, which are integrated in the space between the insulating glass panes and are therefore maintenance-free and simple to operate.

Safety Glass

The glass bodyguard

For your safety, we offer our laminated safety glass SANCO SAFE, which is composed of two or more glass panes that are connected with tear-resistant, tough elastic interlayers. There interlayers can be translucent, clear, coloured, or upon request UV-protective.

In the event of damage, laminated safety glass maintains its protective effect. The fragments that form in the event of an impact stick to the undamaged PVB interlayer- Consequently, the glazed opening remains closed and the risk of injury diminishes.

Close window

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